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3D printed custom Syringe Deployment System

Programmable syringe pumps provide an affordable solution to your sophisticated Dispensing and flow control applications required in hospitals and medical institutions. Medical institutions plan out a patient’s medication 2-3 days ahead of time. The administration of this medication is handled by the attendees and it highly relies on the amount of patients one person is working with.

3d printed custom syringe pumps offer Infusion and withdrawal handled by computer interface and advanced programming options to your and the patient’s requirements. Within average medical institution one particular attendee has to serve various patients and answer a lot of other calls on the fly. This system allows for a severe reduction of manual hours.

We prospectively recorded the nature and the mode of relay of all syringe pumps for administration of drugs to patients in two ICU. The perfusion regimen was studied in 61 patients over the complete duration of their stay in two ICU. Alarms were also recorded in one ICU room, over 13 days consecutive. The records were processed off-line with an automatic detection-recognition system in order to assess the origin of each alarm. Accordingly, the amount of alarm corresponding to monitor, ventilator and syringe pumps was computed.

We found that syringe pumps, which would provide automatic relays without alarm, would suppress 17% of alarms in ICU and automatize 65% of the relay procedures, which are usually performed often in emergency, on response to the end of perfusion alarm.

In Conclusion

New syringe pumps and syringe relay, planned in advance allow both reduction of alarms in ICU and a better management of staff workload..

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