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In Space No one can hear you scream

In my yearning for finding an integral side of technology I stumbled upon the realm of 3D printing.

In all honesty it might have been my fondness for action figures. I visited a friend who had been tinkering away in his workshop and he bestowed upon me the tool to create your own toys. Skepticism abound and curious as George i inched forward to peek under the hood where the whirring of motors and the sliding through the rails was all i can see. Mostly of what i comprehended it ate plastic and gobbled up a creature of Gigerian Beauty.


And it is towards the completion of this monstrosity I realized that the range of the Machine was directly proportional to my imagination. If only i had this while growing up, I could have had myself an entire battalion of Joes. But who�s to say that I won�t do that now as well.

Now as we begin to set up our next Creature whose entire clan has been in a civil war with Plants for a couple of years, here is a shout out or a distress signal to the people who made me the Xenomorph.

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