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3D Printer Used to Improve Varicose Vein Removal Procedure

The on-demand production of custom surgical tools is a significant part of surgeries and yet the possibilities in this field has only begun to be explored. One of these revolutionary tool is the 3D printed winch to operate on the endovascular surgical removal of varicose veins.

“The human factor is unreliable. The process of closing the vein properly requires the right laser strength applied to the appropriate vein length,” Dr. Marcin Feliga, MD said. “We’re tired, we perform a lot of operations, and there is a risk of removing the optic fibre too quickly or too slowly.

“The winch operates much like a ski lift,” he went one to explain, “[in that] it removes the optic fibre from the vein with the same speed and over the same time and makes 100% sure that it is closed properly. The device has diametrically changed our operations, we have an almost 100% frequency of proper vein closing. Meanwhile, global statistics fall between 80 and 85 percent,” the doctor concluded.

Compared to traditional methods, Endovascular removal of failing lower limb veins does not leave scars and provides for a very short healing time. without causing bruises or the previously common walking problems. During the procedure, the optic fibre laser enter the veins and closes the vessels from the inside.

The 3D printed winch device will not damage the optic fibre when it is being removed from the vein, while providing stable movements with uniform speed. It can also be sterilized with ease

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