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With endless applications across various industries Healthcare is the one benifiting most from 3D Printing. Whilst Bioprinting is revolutionary in itself it still lies beyond the reach of commonfolk.

We at autoAbode strive to bring the technological advancements to the masses and we had been working towards creating affordable healthcare solutions. Solutions that do not depend to the future and rather make best of what is available to us today.

3D Printed Pre Surgical Model

That led us to Dr Richie Gupta, Senior Consultant and Head - Plastic Surgery , Fortis Shalimar Bagh who was in the middle of a case of Pelvic Exstrophy needed a better way to plan an operation of this magnitude. A surgical procedure like this needs a Rehearsal so that the doctors can plan out the intricacies of the entire endeavour.

Using the MRI and CT Scan Data we worked to create a life size 3D model of the afflicted patient's Pelvic bone. The model was 3D Printed using duper XCELl400 and would act as a Pre Surgical model for Mock surgery.

The most important need was for the model to have micron precision and the strength of the bone structure so as to proper emulate the surgical procedure, all of which was meticulosly calculated by our extensive and thorough research.

After Several surgical sessions with the 3D printed Pelvic model the doctors had a very clear picture of the entire surgery mapped out properly with them now also aware of what kind of implants they would require for the procedure.

The Mock Surgery was extensively helpful in outlining several key details like:

⦁ The size of implants those needed to be prefabricated.

⦁ The fatal areas to avoid.

⦁ The Angle at which implants will be put in and so forth.

After taking the Pre surgical model through this rigorous routine it ended up in the operation room at the time of surgery to give doctors a complete 3D view and allowing them to judge a real physical object rather than a digital image.

The Day of the surgery went off without a hitch. This ended up being the second succesful Pelvis exstrophy ever till date. The Doctors all agree on the fact that 3D Printing was instrumental in making this operation a success.

The time of surgery was reduced by 40% due to concise and precise planning. A well planned rehearsal can go a long way into saving a life.

We believe that 3D Printing can enable and Supercharge numerous industries increasing their efficiency tenfolds while greatly reducing turnaround time. Already having delivered successful Healthcare, Architectural, Prototyping Solutions across the globe.

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