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3D Printing and Star Wars

Hollywood has been using 3D printing for a long time now, from prop design to costume design SFX artists and makeup artists have been developing revolutionary applications for 3D printing.

Children's Day at autoAbode's Delhi Office

For Children's day we hosted a workshop for kids from Feminists Approach to Technology

3D Printing Hair Fibres

Printing Hair Fibres on your 3D model using Fused Deposition Modelling.

Bed Leveling - The Bane of 3D Printers

Let's face it, every machine out there has an annoying characteristic . For 3D printers without a doubt it is Bed Leveling. To preface, The Bed is the base on which...

Showcasing Duper 3d Printer

We had the opportunity to visit and showcase our 3d printer at the Maker's Asylum. It was quite the chance to come together at a place of gathering where everything around you is either...

World's First Road-Ready Line of 3D Printed Cars Unveiled by Local Motors

At the�International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Arizona-based automobile manufacturer Local Motors�stole the show.

Yale Researchers Create 3D Printable Neuron Model Database

Yale researchers�have been working on 3D printing neuron models since 2013�and their project, which has since evolved into a�3D printable neuron model database, has just been published in the Frontiers in Neuroinformatics Journal, raising interest form neuroscientists everywhere.


A leopard tortoise named Cleopatra is wearing a prosthetic shell thanks to 3D printing technology. Cleopatra's shell suffers from a condition known as either "pyramiding" or "peaking," which means that her shell has raised sections rather than being smooth.

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